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Sol by NightAndrea Ferrari


Andrea Ferrari was born in Buenos Aires in 1961. She graduated as a literary translator into English and later developed her professional career in journalism, working for over twenty years for various media companies. In 2003 she won the Spanish Barco de Vapor Award for “The Complot of the Flowers” and in 2007 the Jaén Youth Narrative Award for “The Path of Sherlock”. Her novels THE MAN WHO WANTED TO REMEMBER, CHIMPANZEES LOOK INTO THE EYES and MAYBE ON THE TRAIN were included in the White Ravens Selection at the MUNICH INTERNATIONAL YOUTH LIBRARY.

Andrea Ferrari© Ernesto Tiffenberg


The Equals

The Equals (“Las iguales”) is a story of twins, of how you live when you have someone who is almost the same as you… but not quite. At the age of 10 Vivi meets a boy, Luciano, and begins to feel the need to stop doing everything together with her sister Vicky. Vicky, on the other hand, doesn’t understand this and even feels offended, leading to conflict between the sisters. Alternating by chapters entitled “Vivi” and “Vicky” respectively, the story is told with the two voices of the twins as they speak to Marta, a psychologist who interviews them following an incident at school when Vicky posed as Vivi for an exam. The voices are as different as the girls’ personalities, who ultimately learn to love each other by recognizing each other’s different personalities. A novel that invites us to dive into the preferences and conflicts of two girls as they discover their identity.


The Equals


Trilogy – Sol by Night

Sol Linares is an atypical teenager. Cynical and lonely, she spent her childhood in the editorial office of a newspaper and always knew she would be a journalist. Her opportunity comes when, next to the hotel where a crowd of girls await the appearance of their favourite musician, she finds the body of a murdered man. With a harsh look at the world of journalism, The Speed of Music (“La velocidadde la música”), the first instalment of the series Sol by Night (“Sol de noche”), immerses its protagonist in the field of music and its fans to trace the motives for a crime. At the same time, Sol will begin to look into another, more disturbing mystery that lurks within her family. In The Signs of the Lie (“Las marcas de la mentira”), she faces the dubious circumstances surrounding her mother’s death, while in The Noise of Success (“El ruido del éxito”), Sol enters into the ups and downs of a loving relationship and discovers the truth of her family past.


The Speed of Music


Chimpanzees Look Into The Eye

Chimpanzees Look Into The Eye (“Los chimpancés miran a los ojos”) is a novel conceived with intelligence and sensitivity. It achieves what is so difficult for any narrator: to capture the reader’s attention from the beginning, and to keep him or her interested in the story both for the development of the plot and for the characters. The creation of a narrative voice in the first person, authentic and convincing, is one of the main successes of this work. But so is the accuracy of the story, the psychological intensity of each situation, and the carefully measured manner in which conflicts are presented. With this novel, the Argentinean author Andrea Ferrari shows again her narrative clairvoyance, which places her at the forefront of the writers of children’s and young people’s literature in her country.


Chimpanzees Look Into The Eye


El retrato de Verónica G.
Buenos Aires: Santillana 2020, 107 p.; Mexico City: forthcoming 2021

The Equals (“Las iguales”)
(Ill. by Brenda Ruseler)
Buenos Aires: Loqueleo 2019, 116 p.

Maybe on the Train (“Quizás en el tren”)
(Together with Martín Blasco)
Buenos Aires: Loquelo 2018
White Ravens Selection 2018 of the Munich International Youth Library

The Last Pages of my Life (“Las últimas páginas de mi vida”)
(Ill. by Pablo Picyk)
Buenos Aires: Norma 2017, 110 p.


The Noise of Success (“El ruido del éxito”)
Buenos Aires: Loqueleo, 2016, 180 p.

The Signs of the Lie (“Las marcas de la mentira”)
Buenos Aires: Loqueleo 2015, 218 p.

The Speed of Music (“La velocidad de la música”)
Buenos Aires: Loqueleo 2015, Alfaguara 2015, Mexico: Loqueleo 2017, 173 p.

Chimpanzees Look into the Eyes (“Los chimpancés miran a los ojos”)
Buenos Aires: Loqueleo 2014, 170 p.
White Ravens Selection 2015 of the Munich International Youth Library

Buenos Aires: SM, 2013; Madrid: SM 2013, Mexico City: SM 2015, 137 p.; Lima: SM, 2019
Destacados de ALIJA Award 2013
Cuatrogatos Foundation Award 2015

The Night of the Stowaway (“La noche del polizón”)
Buenos Aires: Norma 2012, 154 p.
Destacados de ALIJA Award 2013
Cuatrogatos Foundation Award 2015

Trilogy The New Sherlock (“El nuevo Sherlock”)
Jaén Youth Narrative Award 2007
Sherlock’s Path (“El camino de Sherlock”)
Buenos Aires: Loqueleo 2007; Madrid: Alfaguara 2007, 184 p.

The Las Flores Conspiracy (“El complot de Las Flores”)
Buenos Aires: SM 2003; Madrid: SM 2003, 137 p.
Barco de Vapor Prize 2003
Brazil: SM 2005 · Bulgaria: Tonipress 2018 · France: Flammarion 2012 · Korea: Rayon House 2005 · Russia: Kompas Guide 2019