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There Is No CoupleNilda Chiaraviglio


Nilda Chiaraviglio is a sexologist and clinical family therapist, as well as an expert in sexual diversity. She has served as a director in different associations, such as the Latin American Institute of Family Studies. She has taught at universities in Peru, Argentina and Mexico. Among other topics, she is a lecturer on Emotional Management and Empowerment and teaches several courses focused on Personal Growth. She has been a speaker at the private University Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, and the Guadalajara Book Fair. Nilda shares insights into her work on social media, where more than 3.1 million followers keep up with her. The majority of her audience is based in North and Latin America, with a rapidly increasing number of followers in Spain.

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There Is No Couple

Chiaraviglio argues that There Is No Couple (“La Pareja No Existe”) instead there is a bond between two people that is built step by step.
When did being in love turn into a toxic fairy tale? Ending a relationship, or reviving the fire, means acknowledging love as energy emanated from a healthy conscience. Dr. Nilda Chiaraviglio provides tools and key thought to build connections through agreements that deal with sensitive topics such as sex, money, and family. Can you choose how to connect and fi nd pleasure with the person you love? According to the author, “Yes! you can— and it’s beautiful”.
There Is No Couple is the first book in Chiaraviglio’s trilogy on relationships.


There Is No Couple


The Couple Is Created (“La Pareja se Crea”)
Mexico: Arado (Ordinal Books) 2023, 160 p. 

The Couple Is Destroyed (“La Pareja se Destruye“)
Mexico: Arado (Ordinal Books) 2023, 160 p. 

There Is No Couple (“La Pareja no Existe”)
Mexico: Arado (Ordinal Books) 2023, 160 p.
Complete English translation available
German sample translation available

Different Ways Of Loving (“Distintas Formas de Amar”)
Mexico: Arado (Ordinal Books). Forthcoming Spring 2024, 160 p. 

Couple Affairs (“Asuntos de Pareja”)
Mexico: Planeta. Forthcoming Autumn 2024, 160 p. 

That Little Thing Called Sexuality (“Esa Pequeña Cosa Llamada Sexualidad”)
Mexico: Planeta. Forthcoming Spring 2025, 160 p.