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Jaime Panqueva

Colombia / Mexico

Jaime Panqueva was born in Colombia in 1973 and has Mexican citizenship. He studied Economics and Latin American Studies in Colombia, Spain and Germany. Panqueva works as a writer and financial consultant in Mexico. His first novel was awarded the prestigious Premio Juan Rulfo in 2009.

Jaime Panqueva© Karla Macías


La Rosa de la China

Written in easily accessible language, La Rosa de la China (“The Rose of China”) is a captivating historical novel featuring vivid characters in an enthralling adventure story set in 17th century Mexico. The beautiful Chinese woman Catarina San Juan is gifted with visions and special healing powers. When she meets the outlaw Rolando, a Chinese Samurai, they fall in love. Then Rolando’s sworn enemy tries to kidnap Catarina – will they escape his henchmen? Years later, Father Solís comes to La Puebla to impede Catarina’s canonisation. But in a hidden shrine, he finds Catarina’s diary, and the deeper he gets involved in her story, the more fascinated he becomes with the saint…


La Rosa de la China


La Rosa de la China

Mexico City: Planeta 2011, 232 p.
Premio Juan Rulfo 2009