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OfeliaJulieta Arroquy


Julieta Arroquy was born in Bahía Blanca in 1974 and lives in Buenos Aires. She studied media studies, then worked as a journalist for different radio stations and agencies. By an “accident of fate” she became a cartoonist for the journal Ohlalá. She also created her own collection of painted bags and slippers. In 2011, she invented “Ofelia” and started to publish her cartoons in different international journals. OFELIA got more than 100,000 likes on facebookPlease also visit the author’s blog: >

Julieta Arroquy© Mariola Bobba


Postcards from the feminine universe, chronicles of indifference in love and other worlds …

With her refreshing comments on younger women’s conflicts in the era of e-mails, text messages and Facebook, Ofelia is the new heroine of the comic strip. In nine small images per page she tells us a whole story: Be it lovesickness, self-esteem or the imponderable ways of life, Ofelia will surprise us and make us laugh with her very real existential dilemmas and her audacious vision of herself and the world around her.




Ofelia 2
Buenos Aires: Ediciones de la Flor 2013, 96 p.

Ofelia 1
Buenos Aires: Ediciones de la Flor 2012, 96 p.
English sample translation available
Over 100,000 likes on facebook!
Portugal: Clube do autor 2013 · Spain: Diábolo Ediciones 2014

¡Oh, no! Me enamoré!
Buenos Aires: Ediciones de la Flor 2010, 96 p.

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