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Our MussequeJosé Luandino Vieira


José Luandino Vieira, born in Portugal in 1935, is considered one of the most significant representatives of modern Angolan literature in Portuguese. He was brought up in Luanda and at a young age became involved in Angola’s struggle for liberation from Portuguese colonial rule, where he was arrested by the secret police and sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment. In 1975, he was able to return to a newly independent Angola. He was a founding member of the Angolan Writers’ Union and took part in the creation of radio and television stations. Since 1992, he has been living quietly in northern Portugal. In 2006 he was awarded, but declined for personal reasons, the Camões Prize.

José Luandino Vieira© Editorial Caminho


Nosso musseque

Nosso musseque (“Our Musseque”) is a captivating tale of growing up in one of the vibrant shanty towns, the musseques, of Luanda during the 1940s and 1950s. Weaving back and forwards through his half-remembered childhood, the narrator draws us into a close-knit world of labourers, shopkeepers, drunks, prostitutes and determined women battling to bring up their families, as Angola hurtles towards the beginning of its armed struggle against Portuguese colonial rule. Meanwhile the children laugh, play, squabble and fight, puzzle at racial taunts and move rapidly through adolescence towards sexual awakening and a greater awareness of political realities around them. José Luandino Vieira gives each their own voice. Nosso musseque is an impressive and beautifully rendered portrait of a society on its way toward a self-determined future.


Nosso musseque


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