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HermanasGisela Antonuccio

Argentina / Mexico

Gisela Antonuccio was born in 1975 in Buenos Aires. Graduating in journalism from the University of Salvador, she brings over two decades of experience to her roles as a writer and journalist. Having worked for ANSA and La Nación, she has called Mexico home for the past nine years. During this time, she has been crafting content for streaming, and she introduced the podcast CRÍMENES POR ARTE and the documentary MUXES for HBO Max. Her work has graced the pages of Clarín, Perfil, Milenio, and Vogue. Recognized for her fiction, her debut novel LA HIJA earned the third prize from the Casa del Escritor. HERMANAS marks her second novel. She is currently immersed in her third novel and two documentary series.

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In her novel Sisters (“Hermanas”), which draws on autobiographical elements, Gisela Antonuccio tells the story of two unequal sisters in Argentina at the turn of the millennium. Vanesa is the adopted daughter of a middle-class Italian couple. When she is three years old, the couple has a biological daughter, Lorena, who not only suffers from various health problems but also turns out to be the more challenging child in other aspects. The older sister, very obedient and rule-oriented, soon becomes the true caretaker and educator of Lore, as both parents spend their days away from home in pursuit of prosperity for the family. This tightens the bond between the sisters. However, when Lore reaches puberty, conflicts erupt, and Vanesa finds herself powerless against her sister’s verbal and physical attacks. The question of her own identity increasingly takes center stage. Vanesa leaves for Italy with a scholarship in search of her roots, while Lore deviates further from the path and even seeks treatment multiple times for her drug addiction. Despite all their outward distance, the sisters remain connected and ultimately reunite in a consolidated relationship, with the possibility of newfound happiness. Antonuccio narrates this poignant story, written in concise prose, from the immediate perspective of experience. In brief chapters, she immerses Vanesa into the recalled scenes, giving them intense presence and significant psychological authenticity. The conflict with her sister and the feeling of being lost evolve into existential questions about one’s place in the world.



Sisters (“Hermanas”)
Manuscript, 260 p., 182,853 characters

The Daughter (“La hija”)
Buenos Aires: Norma 2008, 120 p.

Third prize from Casa del Escritor of the Secretaría de Cultura de Buenos Aires 2008. Jury composed of Martín Kohan and Tununa Mercado


New Latin American Short Story (“Nuevo Cuento Latinoamericano”) (eds. Julian Ortega)
The Prize (“El premio”)
Madrid: Marenostrum 2009

Storytelling competition for young narrators “Haroldo Conti”
Visits (“Visitas”)
Buenos Aires: Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno de la Provincia de Buenos Aires 2009
Honorable mention in the Haroldo Conti Contest. Jury composed of Daniel Guebel, Guillermo Martínez and Angela Pradelli

In heat: The best storytellers of the new generation write about sex (“En celo: Los mejores narradores de la nueva generación escriben sobre sexo”) (eds. Diego Grillo Trubba)
The Setter Girl (“La chica del Setter”)
Buenos Aires: Mondadori 2007

In flagrante: The best storytellers of the new generation write about criminal cases (“In fraganti: Los mejores narradores de la nueva generación escriben sobre casos policiales”) (eds. Diego Grillo Trubba)
The Secretary (“La Secretaria”)
Buenos Aires: Mondadori 2007

The young guard: new Argentine narrative (“La joven guardia: nueva narrativa argentina”) (eds. Maximiliano Tomas)
Buenos Aires: Norma 2006

Muxes (Audiovisual
HBO MAX 2022, 62 minutes
Author, scriptwriter, journalistic research

Crimes by Art (“Crímenes por Arte”) (Podcast)
Mexico: Podimo 2021
Author, scriptwriter, journalistic research