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Machado do Assis Prize 1996Carlos Heitor Cony

(1926 – 2018)

Carlos Heitor Cony is one of Brazil’s most distinguished authors. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1926, he has been a writer and journalist all his life, witnessing and chronicling almost a century of modern Brazilian history. He was also a leading columnist for the prestigious Folha de S.Paulo and a member of the Academia Brasileira de Letras. He has three Jabuti prizes to his name and in 1996, he won the Machado do Assis prize in recognition of his body of work. 

Carlos Heitor Cony© Carlos da Silva Assunção Filho


Quase memória

Quase memória (“Quasi Memoir”) is a book of wonderful storytelling that shows a different Brazil and a world long gone, where living life was deemed more important than gain. One evening, Carlos Heitor Cony receives a letter from his late father. Seeing his handwriting evokes past adventures with the man who managed to make life exciting even in the direst circumstances. An insightful and heart-warming story that expertly blends fiction with facts, combining personal reminiscence with the Rio de Janeiro of the 1930s to 50s.


Quase memória


A morte e a vida

Cony’s latest novel, A morte e a vida (“Life and Death”), deals with the controversial topic of euthanasia. Nurse Vilma is dedicated to her work. When Edmundo asks her to help his wife Maria Emília to die a painless death in the last stages of cerebral cancer, she is reluctant. Slowly, the two of them get emotionally involved…



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A verdade de cada dia
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A casa do poeta trágico
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Pessach, a travessia
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Quase memória
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English sample translation available
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Romance sem palavras
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A tarde da sua ausência
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A morte e a vida
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O tudo e o nada
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Para ler na escola
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Eu, aos pedaços
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Represented for Companhia das Letras, Brazil, exc. English