João Paulo Borges Coelho //

The novel Museum of the Revolution, by João Paulo Borges Coelho wins the second place of the Oceanos Prize 2022. It is only the second time in the history of the Oceanos Prize that a Mozambican book is among the winners.
The total value of the award is R$ 250.000,00 (approx. 45.500,00 €) of which R$ 120.000,00 are for the first place, R$ 80.000,00 for the second, and R$ 50.000,00 for the third.

The Mozambican professor Artur Bernardo Minzo, who also composed the Oceanos final jury, highlighted the critical approach of the novel to the functions of museums, people’s memory, and the books themselves as “utensils” for the construction of national and universal identities.