Sergio Bizzio© Julia Gutiérrez

Sergio Bizzio//

Sergio Bizzio was on the cover page of El País on Saturday, 16 September. The leading Spanish newspaper calls him “Argentina’s best-kept literary secret” and declares that “with his novel Rage, he became an essential part of Argentine literature”. Now re-released in Spain by interZona, the novel was adapted for film in 2009 by the Ecuadorian Sebastián Cordero and has just made its debut as a dramatic piece at the Teatro de La Abadía in Madrid, directed and performed by Claudio Tolcachir.

Here is a selection of enthusiastic reviews on Rage:

»Powerful prose and characters.«
Publishers Weekly

»With light irony, Bizzio reveals the ugly secrets of a family.«
Le Temps

»Rage is the best novel I’ve read in the past few years.«
César Aira

»Rage possesses a rare originality. One of the most authentic novels of the past decade.«

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