Flávia Lins e Silva //

The book series “Pilar’s Diary” of the Brazilian bestelling author Flávia Lins e Silva will gain a feature film adaptation produced by Conspiração, with co-production by Star Original Productions and distribution by Star Distribution. This news was announced during The Walt Disney Company panel at the 14th edition of their Winter Show. The film is produced by Juliana Capelini and Renata Brandão, with Eddie Vogtland as associate producer and script by Flávia Lins e Silva and João Costa. The series has sold approximately 500,000 copies so far.

The premiere of the adaption of “Pilar’s Diary” begins with the “Pilar’s Diary in the Amazon”. It will include elements of Brazilian culture to teach important values about the environment and the protection of nature. The film is set for 2024.

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