Leticia Martin //

Leticia Martin wins the Lumen Prize for Novels with her work Vladimir. The novel, which was selected among 407 submissions, is inspired by Nabokov’s Lolita, reversing gender roles.

Lumen relaunches its historic award to continue publishing the best literature written by women in Spanish language. Founded in Barcelona in 1960 by Esther Tusquets, the imprint Lumen was a pioneer in highlighting literature written by women. The result of this objective was the launch of the Femenino Lumen Prize in 1994-1999, intended as an award to discover literary talent among women. Successor to that initiative, the 1st Lumen Prize for Novels returns in 2023 with the intention of encouraging creativity and continuing to promote women writers throughout the Spanish language.

The jury consists of the writers Ángeles González Sinde, Luna Miguel, and Clara Obligado, the director of the Rafael Alberti bookshop (Madrid), Lola Larumbe, and the literary director of Lumen, María Fasce.

The prize is endowed with 30,000 euros and publication throughout the Spanish-speaking world. The novel will be released on 7 September as one of the season’s leading titles.

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